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How Digital Signage Can Help Your Church

Digital signs help you consistently get your messages to your visitors. Whether you want to do a better job of welcoming first time visitors, present curriculum in classrooms, involve parents more in your youth programs, or inform your congregation about upcoming events, digital signage can help. Here are just a few examples.

Room Instrustions

Make it easier for members to find the right class rooms.

Advertise Upcoming Events

Increase participation in your events by placing eye catching messages.

Inform Members

Remind your members what goals your church has set and what progress has been made.

Grow Small Groups

Let your members know which small groups are starting up.

Promote Social Profiles

Stay connected to your congregation all week by increasing social follows.

Involve Parents

Make sure parents know what their kids learned today.

How We are Different

It's important to keep the messages on your digital signage fresh so it doesn't go ignored. However, continually creating new messages can be time consuming. Let us do the work for you.

Unlike other digital signage platforms, we help you with the content. Need to promote your social media profiles? Simply add our Social Media feed to your schedule, enter your profile urls and set the rotation you want.

You will automatically see dozens of different social media messages promoting your page. Want to ask your visitors to leave online reviews, add the reviews feed. Want to show curent weather, add the weather feed. We have dozens of feeds to choose from.

Of course you can still upload any HTML, image or video messages that you create.

Big Big Worship is a worship resource for Kids Pastors and leaders. It contains everything you’ll need to create an incredible Worship experience for your kids, every week of the year! You get unlimited access to our entire Big Big Worship library (currently 115+ songs and video resources with new content added each month). 100% Free!!

Have Yancy lead worship for your Elementary or Preschool kids every week!! Yancy will choose your worship songs for the month. The videos are auto updated each month. All you have to do is drop them in your playlist and allow Yancy to help you lead your kids in worship every week. Only 9.99 a month.

When kids visit your church, they have no idea what to expect. Our crowd-breaker videos are designed to make a great first impression and put students at ease by allowing them to engage in a way that is easy and non-threatening. Our game videos help you set a tone of positivity and fun at the top of your service, or at any point in your program. Every week, thousands of churches begin their kids’ services with Digital Felt videos, because they grab attention, add fun, generate excitement, and encourage interaction. With this feed set the weekly 3 min game up one time and you will see a new game every week!! only $7.00 a month.

An ongoing curriculum for preschool and elementary. We believe that limited church budgets should never stand in the way of teaching both children and adults the word of God in the most effective way possible. We have partnered with The Ark Church and they have donated their work for other churches to use. This is how we are able to provide this content for your church completely free of charge. To preview and get all the supporting docs you need, please visit

Setup is Easy. You Can be Online TODAY!

We use Amazon FireTV devices which are readily available. Unique to our platform is the ability to run to the store, buy one, and be online the same day.

1. Configure Your Screen

Create an account below and set up what messages you'd like to show on your screen.

2. Pick Up a Player

Our platform runs on Amazon FireTV sticks which can be purchased from Amazon, Target, or Best Buy. Simply run to the store and pick one up now, then plug it into your TV.

3. Download the App

Connect to your WiFi and search for Sign Presenter in the App Store. Log in and your messages will start showing immediately.

SignPresenter vs Playlister & ProPresenter in Kids Ministry Setup is Easy





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5 year total



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$149* * price for a new Apple TV


$399 upfront
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per year
$1,749* * average price for a new MacOS computer

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Our prices are the cheapest in the industry and our platform runs on some of the most affordable hardware available, Amazon FireTV Stick. At only $10/mo per screen you have the ability to create unlimited schedules and unlimited storage for custom messages. It also includes access to our most popular managed feeds like Weather, Social Media and News. There's no commitment and you can cancel any time.